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Sep 09, 2011 at 05:24 AM

shipment not getting deleted!!!!!!!


Hello Friends,.

I have a shipment (Lets say X )which needs to be deleted ,but not getting deleted and showing dump error.

This shipment has a delivery (Lets say Y)which is an archived in year 2006.The customer has included this delivery by mistake while creating shipment(X). Now the customer wants to remove that delivery from shipment document and delete this shipment.

When i removed that delivery(Y) and saved the shipment (X) i got the dump error.When i debugged that dump error,i found this archived delivery(Y) was already included in some other old shipment which also archived in 2006.

Now can you suggest me how to remove this archived delivery(Y) from this shipment(X).

Is there any SAP notes availble ?Please give your valuable help


Best Regards

Ranganathan V