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Sep 09, 2011 at 03:17 AM

URL links for Workflow Approval Email per user & others


Hi all, we have upgraded to SRM7 and understand that we have to switch to using program /SAPSRM/OFFLINEAPPROVALSEND to generate the workflow notification emails. We have maintained the portal information in the SRM configuration to build the link. However, we have 2 issues here

1. We currently output collective email so emails are sent out at specific timing on a per user rather than per work item basis. The URL link does not seem to work in this case (for shopping cart approval example) and we get an object GUID error. The URL looks something like this

Also, even if I run the program for a PO approval example, the BOTechnicalName is still pointing to sc.

However, if I do it on a per work item basis, the URL works.

Does anyone know where the control this setting?

2. External and internal portal

We have some users connecting to the portal through more secured channel (external portal). In this case, I couldn't find a way to generate the appropriate URL for the external. In the past in the older SRM version, the program was using the attribute ITS_DEST in PPOPMA_BBP to build the URL link. Now, I do not know how the system knows which portal URL to take if the control is no longer at user level.

Has anyone ever had this requirement before?

My worse case scenario to resolve the above issues would be to use the BADI to alter the content of the email notification. The purpose of posting this message here is to ensure that I am not missing out any standard SAP functionality which could meet our requirements.