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Former Member
Feb 20, 2005 at 04:26 PM

Generic DataSource & Delta setup


Hello Folks,

I am trying to get my Generic DataSources and Delta concepts straight and got more confused after reading a white paper titled "how to ...create generic delta". <b>I am on SAP R/3 4.6c and BW 3.0b.</b>

<b>This white paper talks about creating generic datasource and delta using RSO2 in BW</b>. It explains how to specify delta-specific field and then select a delta type (AIE or ADD) which sets the "delta update" flag after generating.

My question is

1)should we create a generic datasource and delta from BW as suggested by this white paper and not in SAP R/3 directly using RSO2 and RSA3? what are the pros and cons.

I tried creating a generic datasource in SAP R/3 using RSO2 since these transactions are available in SAP R/3. I noticed the "delta update" checkbox was always(or for the cases I tried) blank and protected. Also noticed a menu item under "Datasource" called "setup delta" to be grayed out as well. So looks like, a delta can be set up in SAP R/3 but does not let me do it.

My question is

1) why can't I set up a delta?