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Difference in depreciation amount although same depreciation keys

Dec 19, 2016 at 08:27 AM


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Dear experts.

I migrated several depreciation keys manually from old system to new system but face a problem I'm not able to solve at the moment. The requirement is that all settings are transferred from old to new system so that valuation values (e.g. depreciation etc.) work the same way as before.

Old System


  • If the asset has been activated e.g in the middle of the year, the system catches up depreciation for the entire year in the first depreciation period.
  • First year is only 50% of the depreciation
  • The net book values need to be 0 at the end
  • Depreciation 8 years

New System

However, in the new system the requirements are not shown correctly although the depreciation key seems to be identical.

  • It seems as if in the first year the depreciation has been catched up correctly ==> ok
  • Only 50% depreciation in first year ==> ok
  • Second year depreciation also 50% ==> problem
  • Net book value not going to 0 ==> problem

Thanks for any help and hints

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Can you please share the planned values and depreciation area screen shots .

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2 Answers

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Former Member Jan 04, 2017 at 02:34 PM

Thanks for the replies. Problem has been found.

In the customizing of the multilevel method (AFAMS) the field "validity start" was probably set incorrectly. I have set it the following way now:

Old system: "From capitalization date"

New system: "From ordinary depreciation start date"

I don't know why but now the new system calcualtes the same way as the old system although the "validity start" has different values in old and new system. The miracle for me is why the old system calculated that way.

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Former Member Dec 25, 2016 at 06:24 PM


Can you pease share the screenshot of the configuration screen of depreciation key and depreciation method, which would help to have a complete picture on the issue.



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