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Sep 08, 2011 at 04:21 PM

Error while loading a Cube in BW - "Waiting for Semaphore"


Hello Experts:

I seem to be having a frequent problem while doing a Delta load from BW (3.5) cube to exactly similar cube in BI 7.0.

The load is done daily via a Process Chain. Before doing the Delta load, I also have a step to DELET Index from the

cube in BI. The Delta loads have been successful but frequently they take about 7 or 8 hours to load. The number of

records are not many 80,000 to 140,000 records range. There have been successful loads for similar range withing

7 or 8 minutes. However, when it gets hung up it takes 7 or 8 hours.

Looks like it is a Lock happening in 3.5 BW system. Tcode SM12 shows that it is locked and then in T. Code SM66, it

shows that it is hun for resources..... The message inicated is "Waiting for Semaphore". After about 7 hours, the load

automatically happens.

This is causing issues becuase the upward data loads don't happen and Users can not access the data until late afternoon

for their planning in BPC.

Is there a way this error or Waiting for Semaphore be avoided or time is reduced....? How can I achieve this? Any

fne tuning tricks anyone can suggest please......!!

Thanks a lot in advance.