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Sep 08, 2011 at 02:00 PM

Account assignment issue during MIGO



I am trying to do MIGO and I am getting the below error. I had assigned the cost elements in OKB9 with a default Cost Center. Still, I am getting this error. I am not sure why this is happening. I was looking some other threads and they are recommending to assign a default cost center in KA02. I feel this should not be done as the same cost element will be used by multiple Company Codes. We have activated the Purchase account for our company codes. I was testing an STO PO, I never faced an issue during MIGO. Is there anything that I am missing? Please suggest.

Account 60311080 requires an assignment to a CO object

Message no. KI235


You have not defined a CO account assignment for an account that is relevant to cost accounting.

System Response

Account 60311080 is defined as a cost element.

This means that you must always specify a CO account assignment.


Enter one of the following CO account assignments


Cost center / cost center/ activity type

Sales order item (for a project or cost relevant)

Project / WBS element

Cost object (Process manufacturing)

Network/ Network activities

Business process

Profitability segment

Real estate object

The posting row affected is 0000000003, account 60311080.