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Sep 08, 2011 at 12:27 PM

Accounting entry view needs to be restrcited for STO transactions



There is Stock Transfer scenario at my place. Stock transfer (from one plant to another) is done after adding some profit margin to the cost of material. Note: My different plant represents different profit centers

Ex: STO is done from plant 1000 to plant 2000. Cost of material is Rs.100 and profit is Rs.20. Hence STO is done at Rs. 120

Entry posted:

Stock Plant 2000 (Profit center 2000) - Rs. 120

To Stock Plant 1000 (Profit center 1000) - Rs 100

To Profit Margin (Profit center 1000) - Rs. 20

Now i want that this account entry should not be view by plant 2000 (whose profit center is 2000). Reason is that the management don't want that receiving plant should know about the profit.

So let me know if i can block the view of accounting entry for plant 2000 for STO transaction only. Plant 2000 should be able view rest all accounting transactions like Purchase from third party, sales, etc.

Note: For STO transactions, we have created separate PO (Document type) as ZSTO.

Please help

Edited by: Deepak Agrawal on Sep 8, 2011 5:58 PM