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Sep 08, 2011 at 12:07 PM

CPA Cache Refresh Problem


There is http ://<server>:<port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=full result;



CPA cache refresh (mode=full) executed in 33 milliseconds.








<Message>CPA Cache not updated with directory data.</Message>

<Trace> Could not open Directory URL ( http ://localhost:50000/dir/hmi_cache_refresh_service/ext?method=CacheRefresh&mode=F&consumer=DefaultConsumer ). Reason: Connection refused at at at at at



problem written bold. everything looks normal, all destination is OK, all roles OK but there is a URL like this..

(i mean INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI connection test is ok, cache refresh user we use for it, ok.. have right roles)

how can we change this URL or repair it?

thank you.