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Sep 08, 2011 at 12:07 PM

Parllel operations



I'm having the scenario, i've 4 work centers. One work center will start the activity,it is going to the 2nd work center. At the same time 1st work center also will work. Like that 4 work centers will be working.

Each work center will work parallel.

To produce the quantity of 5040 EA, i need 90hrs labour time. For 90hrs all work centers will be work parallel.

How to maintain the labour hrs for each work center in routing.

My client wants they need to enter the labour hours in each work center as 90 hrs.

If we maintain like that system will calculate the labour hours as 90*4.

How to get the labour time for all operations as 90hrs?

For getting the 90hrs what i need to do in routing?