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Sep 08, 2011 at 11:33 AM

Invalid URL ; How to make it valid ??


HI All,

After recent netweaver upgrade due to enhanced security checks ,few URLs which were working earlier are not accepted by the system now.

Actually in my scenario the URLs are shown as "Link to Actions" on the UI.

To avoid the dump first I am checking the validity of the "URL string" using this method.

cl_abap_utility=>is_valid_url( ).

If it is valid, only then the URL is binded on UI otherwise its ignored.

Following is an example of an invalid URL:

I checked, presence of extra characters '#' makes it invalid .

Is there any way to remove this extra character '#' from the URL ??

(I tried replacing all occurences of # and condense it: but that did not work ).


Is there any other way to convert this invalid URL to a valid format, accepted by system ???

Thanks a lot in advance..!!!!!

Best Regards,

Kumar Ashesh