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Sep 08, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Business Process Repository (BPR) and country localization processes SolMan


I have been looking for a while in BPR to include in our SolMan Template solution the localized processes for country such as Brazil, Greece, India. I have never found in the BPR any of those Local processes. This would be extremely useful when you decide to implement (Rollout) of a new country to get from BPR the localized processes from begining.

Instead only the SAP Globalization site provide documentation, but none is updated in BPR, and thus cannot be included in SolMan. The discontinued "Best Practices" provided some "accelerators" per country (country template and configuration Set - BCSET), but those are discontinued, and never included in SolMan.

What would be the proper way to define a SolMan Rollout project based on Template AND find the localized SAP processes/t-codes?