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Sep 08, 2011 at 09:30 AM

Overtime calculation in TM00.


Hi Experts,

I am implementing positive time management and requirement for overtime calculation is as follows:

if employee works number of hours more than his/her daily work schedule the overtime wage type should get generated for the excess hours.

e.g. employee's daily working hours are 8 hrs (9 to 6 with 1 hour unpaid break) and if he/she works till 9 in night but he/she was out off the office for 1 hour from 4 to 5 then only "2" hours overtime should get calculated.

currently 3 hrs overtime wage type (1OVT) is getting generated using GWT M ZML.


For work around I thought of keeping this 3 hrs OT as it is but creating one more deduction wage type (1DDC) for absence hour (pair 4 to 5) I have assigned the processing type as "A" for this pair type using V_T555Z and define the generation rule for generating the wage type fpr this in V_T510S but function DEFTP is changing the processing type of this absence hour pair to "S" again because of which the wage type (1DDC) is not getiing generating.

Please suggest how to proceed with this. If you have any other solution please suggest.

Thanks in advance.



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