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Sep 08, 2011 at 09:05 AM

Third party Stock Transport Order



We have a requirement as descibed below:

Plants A, B and C are live in SAP and belong to different company codes. The Plant B is the sales office and no production/purchasing happens at this plant. The vendor codes for Plant A & B with respective plant assignment is done and STO configuration for the procurment from Plant A to C and vice versa is set up in the system. Now, the requirement is Plant A intends to procure from plant C (in other words Plant C should deliver to Plant A) but the billing should happen from Plant B. The third party cross company sales is set up for Plant B making a cross company sales order with sales org of Plant B and production plant B for the external customer.

One of the solution is to make the Plant A as external customer of Plant B but somehow that doesn't follow the SAP Business Global Solution of the company.

Kindly advise if any solution from the procurement perspective (stock transport order) could serve the business requirement (Plant C to deliver to Plant A and billing from Plant B). Any kind of development should also be acceptable.

Thanks in Advance,