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Sep 07, 2011 at 03:38 PM

Working Around the Mentioned Limitation


This note states the following u2026.. And this is what we have to do in the upcoming requests..... We have to change the BAPI's related to Purchase order create and Sales Order Create (use wrapper RFC's around them ).

b) Deep Insert

Deep Insert according to OData specification, which means inlining an associated entry (which can theoretically have inlined entries itself) to be created in conjunction with the sorrounding entry, is not supported. Example: create a Purchase Order with a Purchase Order Item in one request.

As a consequence of that, in the BAPI/RFC Generators, you cannot map structure or table input parameters to Data Objects below the Root, even if they are mandatory for calling the respective BAPI/RFC.

You can either map (i.e. flatten) the fields of a structure parameter to root Data Object properties or assign custom constant values to them.

For table input parameters, there is no workaround, i.e. respective BAPIs/RFCs can't be used.

Do you think we will have to solve it on the backend itselfu2026 but how??..what would you suggest as the solution if we hit this limitation in upcoming projectu2026.(highly likely) Basically how do we associate two entities, if we are working on two different entities in case of a CREATE and Update u2026 ??

Can you suggest me some approaches here ....


Ravi Sharma

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