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Sep 07, 2011 at 01:24 PM

Webservice response in BPM scenario


I am doing a BPM scenario where I take data from ERP asynchronously using proxy and send it as a request to a third party synchronous webservice. The webservice gives a response and I am using the response to send it further along to other systems.

Everything works fine if correct messages are sent and received. The problem starts when PI/BPM receives an un-expected response from the webservice. If the webservice sends an unknown error message in the response, the mapping fails and goes into the error queue. (smq2)

And the real problem is every successful message or response after that also goes into the same queue and getting stuck. Why is this happenning? Do we need to monitor and clear the error queues all the time so that subsequent successful messages go through BPM corrrectly?

Do you guys think it is a cache problem or something else?

Thank you.