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Sep 07, 2011 at 11:13 AM

B1iF IC Sincro Scenario


Hi Experts,

I am working in the sincronization scenario of IC´s in B1iF similar to the one existing in B1iSN. I have one central company and some subsidiaries receiving all data relevan to IC.

I need to get data from the receiver company so I have created an atom with a sqlCall. I created a local variable to get the receiver SysId in order to make the sql query to the correct company. My issue is that this variable never get filled althought the xpath is suppose to be correct. The problem, as far as I can see, is that receiver data is added to the message after the variable gets evaluated. Is this possible? is there any way of fixing it?

This is the final message, where I want to get the Id of the Receiver node:

<Receiver ObjId="single" Id="0010000107"/>


According to this my vble is declared as :


But is always empty, so I cannot get the data that I need from receiver company.

Any light on this, please???

I have been looking for many options but nothing clear as I cannot get the correct destination sysid.

Thank you very much in advance.