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Sep 07, 2011 at 02:44 AM

How to retrieve stored procedure in oracle using ABAP



I have problem on how to retrieve data from oracle in strored procedure... usually data in oracle stored in tables and i usually retrieve them using open dbcursor for select ... but now, the condition is changed.. the data in oracle are stored in refcursor, so i must get it using ABAP..

I've tried to use execute (stored_procedure) with its variable input and output.. but still can't work...

below is my syntax :

DATA : BEGIN OF et_refcursor2,

account_num(20) TYPE c,

customer_ref(20) TYPE c,

product_seq(9) TYPE c,

product_id(9) TYPE c,

product_attr_subid(9) TYPE c,

change_start_dat TYPE dats,

attribut_value(40) TYPE c,

charge_end_dat TYPE dats,

END OF et_refcursor2.

data et_refcursor like table of et_refcursor2.


exec sql.

execute procedure c_getearlytermination( IN :i_iddb, IN :i_nper,

OUT :et_refcursor )


  • write : / et_refcursor.

catch cx_sy_native_sql_error. "add by taufik under D10K924982

message 'Can not execute stored procedure.. ' type 'I'.


Can anyone can help me? appreciate any help regarding this matter...

Thank you very much...

Bre H.