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Sep 06, 2011 at 03:27 PM

What tables contain data for the CUP requests in 5.3?


What are all of the tables that contain the data that appears in the CUP requests? We are on version 5.3 SP13.

We are selling off one of the divisions of our company and one of the terms is that we have to provide all relevant data, including CUP requests. Since there are several hundreds of requests for this division (last count was over 600), it is not practical to just download the individual requests out of CUP. So plan B is to just give them the data.

I know there are several tables that contain this data, and I know some of them (such as VIRSA_AE_REQD_HDR and VIRSA_AE_RQD_WPHS), but I don't know all of them. (and I would rather not have go thru and to check every table)