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Former Member
Feb 17, 2005 at 04:07 AM

Ways to build the BAPI communication format at runtime?



In a traditional .NET based SAP client application, one simply generates the proxy code for the BAPIs in question. This works well for most scenarios as the BAPIs/RFCs to be called are known up front. However, for the application that I am working on, we do not know the RFCs/BAPIs that a customer has. I am looking at ways to invoke any arbitrary RFC in a generic way. I would appreciate it if you can share your ideas with me.

From the SAP interface repository, each BAPI is accompanied by a XML schema and template. I am wondering if I can use this to my advantage. Given an XML schema for a BAPI, I can create the needed XML data on the fly. The question is, is there some other RFC I can use to pass the name of the BAPI along with the XML data?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with me.