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Sep 02, 2011 at 11:26 PM

SSO is not working BOE XI3.1 BusinessObjects and Portal EP/BW 7.01


Hi Gurus,

I am setting up BoEdge for SSO with EP/BW.... Ive followed the next configurations:

Is pretty strange because Ive done this configuration before and never face this problem. The only difference here is my OS for BOE which is on Unix Red hat on 64 bits.... The only thing working is the SSO with KM (Weird ah).

The steps I did:

1.Integration EP and BW... Everything is Ok according with my BI diagnostic tool (Everything is in green. note 937697)

2. Same FQDN BO, EP and BW and everthing is the same DNS

3.BOE is authenticated with BW (FQDN and logical name as default). I loggin BOE with my SAP BW credentials

4.Ive checked the files web.xml in the path /usr/sap/sboedge3/bobje/enterprise120/warfiles/WebApps/OpenDocument/WEB-INF and /usr/sap/sboedge3/bobje/enterprise120/warfiles/WebApps/InforViewApp/WEB-INF

Parameter Value

authentication.default secSAPR3

siteminder.enabled false

sso.enabled true

5.Deployed the three archives from BOE to EP com.businessobjects.pct.masteriview.par, com.businessobjects.pct.sap_pik.epa and BusinessObjectsKM.par

6. Configured master repository for KM

7.Create my iView from .par archive

SSO is not working

Do you think my library sapjco.jar has anything to do with my sso problem??

Should I change my sap java connector library?? Im using SAP JCo 2.1.10, 32 bits.

My Java VM is 32 bits and my OS is on 64 bits according with note:

Note on 32bit versus 64bit: You only need the 64bit version, if you are using a 64bit Java VM. If you are using a 32bit Java VM on a 64bit platform, please download the 32bit JCo.

Some JVMs offer both modes: 32bit as well as 64bit. In this case you have to start the JVM with an additional startup parameter to specify the mode. (Please consult the JVM documentation.)

Which is the name of the Folder where I have to place my and files?

What else should I do??


David Cortes