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Former Member
Feb 16, 2005 at 02:47 PM

Error -5000 (No Description) Relating SAP Documents


I have created a Purchase Order using the DI API and want to create and relate a Goods Receipt PO back to that Purchase Order. I can create both docs without fail but as soon as I try to relate my GRPO line item back to the PO I receive an error -5000 with no description.

My code to relate the docs:

docGRPO.Lines.BaseEntry = Convert.ToInt32(poEntry);

docGRPO.Lines.BaseType = Convert.ToInt32(Constants.PURCHASE_ORDER_OBJ_TYPE);

docGRPO.Lines.BaseLine = baseLine;

I have made sure the items on both docs have the same code, currency, rate and quantity but still no luck. The BP is also the same in both docs. Are there some other restrictions that are stopping me from relating my 2 docs to each other?