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Sep 02, 2011 at 02:33 PM

Static or global internal table vs buffered table.


Hi experts

Please, let me know your thoughts about wich statement is better in terms of performace.


my_table is a transparent table with 10 records.

The statement is called 5000 times in the program (like a formula in SD Pricing)

1st Statement:

( the table my_table is NOT buffered in SE13)

Statics: gt_my_table type standard table of my_table.

if gt_my_table[] is initial.
   select * from my_table into table gt_my_table.
   read table gt_my_table with key field1 = lv_field1.

2nd Statement

(in the second statement the table is fully buffered in SE13)

data: wa_my_table type my_table.

select single * from my_table into wa_my_table
 where field = lv_field1.

Thanks in advance