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Sep 02, 2011 at 02:19 PM



Hi All,

I am having a problem when starting my CDT, it throws an error about authentification failure. We have DEV and QA in the same environment and they use the same Certificate Authority. The DEV CDT starts up fine but QA is giving problems. We have just upgraded from version to Everything was working before the upgrade. I have checked that the server and client certificates are still valid.

Please see below some of the errors I copied from my temp directory:




13:41:03.974 (07020) DBG> Starting authentication

13:41:10.584 (07020) DBG> SecureSession: Secure connection failed (can't connect to remote host) @SecureSession::SessionConnect

13:41:10.584 (07020) DBG> SecureSession: Lasterror: TcpConnection::ConnectSync, connect failed - 10061 (0x274d) No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

13:41:10.584 (07020) ERR> Error 2 in SessionConnect(,21002,...), let's try other connection!

13:41:12.621 (07020) DBG> Let's stop rManager

13:41:03.973 (07020) INF> Certificate=;Storename=MY;DisableAutologin=1;LoginName=;LoginDlg=;COOKIEDIR=/cdt_xml/default.htm

13:41:10.584 (07020) ERR> Authentication start failed: -60

13:41:12.438 [exe.htm] [ERR] TerminalInitialize -> (-2147467259) / Terminal, certificate or authentication failure




Please let me know if you need more details.

Looking forward to your assistance 😊

Thanks and regards,