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Sep 02, 2011 at 12:52 PM

Conversion is happening even though there is no conversion routine?



I have a Z table and one of field is a my_text field.

1) When i am mainitianing this table in SM30, for example, i entered as 'Test data in my_text field' in my_text field in SM30, its saving all in upper case, as 'TEST DATA IN MY_TEXT FIELD', but i want to save as is as user entered.

2) In other way, when i am pulling text data from another Z table, am getting text in upper case in my_resport, even though the vaue saved in lower case

When i chekced there us no conversion routine at domain level

Pls. let me know How can i save text as is in data base

How can get/pull data as is in data base into my_report?

Thank you