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Sep 01, 2011 at 11:21 PM

Cost zero for production orders with external procurement



I have a situation here and hopefully you can help me, I have a product (which is a component of other materials) that could be manufactured or external procured, this product has a standard price of 10.00, most of the times it is purchased but sometimes it is manufactured, I set the material with procurement type F and CK11N works very well when I run it for materials that use that component, the cost for the component is always 10.00, my problem is when we decide to manufacture this component, when I run transaction KKS2 to get the variance for a production order for this component I get 0.00 for the actual cost and 10.00 for the actual allocated cost, any idea how can I get the actual production cost for the component?

The component has a BOM and rountings created

Any help would be appreciate it.

Thank you