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Sep 01, 2011 at 01:04 PM



Hi All

Wanted to pick your thoughts about managing Retirees in SAP.

Currently at my client, have a position for retirees with action" retiree" with option of a few "action reasons" e.g. when a person retires, action Retiree is executed with reason "volunteer/involuntary" with status "withdrawn". When retiree dies, execute "termination" action.

There is no separate employee group or employee subgroup created "for Retirees".

They had a different position in past for retirees, this was used for temporary employees also so they had to create a new one, the one being currently used. This is causing problems with interfaces, the bigger issue is to bring the retirees who were in this position for temporary employees need to be moved to current retiree position or client is open to consider any better approach to streamline this issue for once and all.

I am suggesting to create a new employee group as Retiree and employee subgroup (if needed). An Org Unit and a position 111******* to have these retirees move to this position and org unit. To streamline old retirees moving to this position, may be an ABAPer can write a conversion program to convert the old retirees to the new format.

I will appreciate your input on this, the practices you have experienced.