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Sep 01, 2011 at 09:50 AM

how to write this formula??



I am trying to create one formula in query designer and use it in Condition in Query designer..but its failing for some reason.Can anybody see why its failing?

Defintion is:

Either X NOT EQUAL TO ZERO or Y not equal to zero and A-(X+Y) SHOULD BE IN BETWEEN 0 AND 150

X,Y,A are selections where as A-(X+Y) is a formula.

The query should show all items that pass the above condition.

I created formula like below

1*((0<=A-(X+Y)<=150)AND((X NE 0) OR (Y NE 0))).

My query is showing items which it should not be shown.I think the condition is passing these items eventhough it shouldnot.

Once I save,the formula is becoming automatically like below:

1*(((0<=A-(X+Y))<=150)AND((X NE 0)OR(Y NE 0)))

Can anybody helpout?