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Sep 01, 2011 at 07:08 AM

how to fetch data from deep structure


Hi experts ,

I want to fetch data from deep structure my requirement is i have method and have a global attribute( ip_output) with associated type as

BAD_BUS_TRANSN_MESSAGE in that a component exits with name as segment_sent with component type as BAD_SEGMENTS_SENT_MESS_T and in that line type is BAD_SEGMENTS_SENT_MESS in that line type component name as

.include and component type is SMOG_SINC and that component type contains four components name as tr_status,bef_img,task,sendbits .

now i want to these four values in method source code


i write code like this in my method

if not ip_output-segments_sent[] is not initial.


how to check data in smog_sinc.

Thanks in advance