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Former Member
Aug 31, 2011 at 09:57 PM

CVCs for New Products


Hi APO Experts,

Here is my thoughts for creating new CVCs and I need some more information to it.

/SAPAPO/MC62 - Demand Planning -> Maintain Characteristic Values

Option 1: For new products (low volume), you can create it manually in APO DP

Option 2: Have the CVCs created in a spreadsheet, and create them by choosing the target POS and the worklist option (File Upload)

Option 3: Load it in the Ohistory cube and then use the 2nd (above) option to create the CVCs (Info Provider upload

My questions:

(1) Is there any other options available for creating CVCs for the new products?

(2) What is the advantage of option 3 over option 2?

(3) What is the common process among other clients in generating the CVCs for new products?

Thanks in advance for your time and comments.