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When will SAP Java AS for EE 6 see the light?

Hi all,

As far as I know, SAP's bleeding edge AS (NW73 AS) is based on EE5.

As several java AS vendors are releasing EE6 compliant products, I would like to know whether any deadline has been set for SAP's EE6 app server release.

Thanks in advance



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    Posted on Jun 18, 2013 at 08:53 PM


    One year later we have netweaver 7.3.1 sp4, an application running under tomcat 7 , Hand try it to migrate to netweaver 7.3.1 without success.

    So when will Java Form de 6 supported?

    Best regards


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    • Thank you for your clarification and insight. I did not connote anything like this:

      The pragraph started with

      "In respect of the "clearly formulated rules of communication" and "clear templates" that SAP has established to communicate the planned "innovations"..."

      meaning that beyond these rules and templates, e.g. obviously here in this thread, communication follows different.rules, motivation and intentions, as you describe.

      Btw information about plans includes proactive near-term information about severe changes/abortions in previously communicated plans.



  • Posted on Jun 28, 2012 at 04:04 PM

    Hi Benny, hi Tobias,

    there are some more topics on my wishlist I forgot:

    1. embedded mode for NW AS Java. Most other relevant Java AppServers provide an embedded mode making development roundtrips much much shorter. E.g. IBM WebSphere, glassfish, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty (could not find out quickly about Oracle WebLogic).

    2. adapter for the testing framework arquillian

    All ⚠️ other relevant Java AppServers have an adapter to easily test Java EE applications inside the runtime (list from 1 including Oracle WebLogic, see The arquillian framework seems to be a new milestone in testing Java apps inside their infrastructure.

    A qustion in SCN asking for an adapter is not answered at all so far (poor Elmar):

    the same for other forums.

    Does SAP actually not know about arquillian? SAP's engagement in Open Source could be greater in case it is useful "only" for developers and not for SAP products.



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    • Yep, there is a lack of interest from SAP in CI/Testing. I'm currently reviewing an Ant script I coded some time ago that gives you a Dev / CI environment for SAP Java (portal) projects:

      • downloads the software: tomcat, jenkins, redmine, ant, mysql, sonar, testng, ivy, etc and configures it
      • gives you the ability to create via an ant script portal projects (7.0x and 7.2), that also creates the corresponding build files and jenkins, sonar, etc projects

      As soon as I think it can be used by someone that is not me I will release it. Should at least help people to get started with CI in the context of SAP Java.

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    Posted on Sep 02, 2011 at 11:45 AM


    I'm also very interested in knowing the roadmap of SAP on this subject.

    Will SAP CE 7.4 be JEE6 compliant?

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  • author's profile photo Former Member
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    Posted on Sep 04, 2011 at 08:16 AM

    refer to PAM (Product Availability Matrix)

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    • Steffen Spahr wrote:

      => NW 7.4 is also EE5 compatible, not EE6 :-(

      => Today the only SAP-NetWeaver that supports the EE 6 WebProfile is the SAP NetWeaver Cloud;-)



      Correct.It is in the planning to have the Cloud version in NetWeaver as a plugin. I'm currently working on an announcement.



  • Posted on Mar 09, 2015 at 06:04 AM

    i am surprised jee 1.6 is supported.......

    Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server - SAP Library

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    • Former Member Rolf Paulsen

      I've always been interested in using java standard over proprietary SAP frameworks, programming languages etc in the web application space. SAP is great for the core ABAP stack, but always was behind on the web application side.

      Just brainstorming for "what is next" for us as an SAP customer. Obviously what is next for SAP is SAPUI5, SAP Gateway, OData etc. My problem with following SAP down this path are two fold.

      1. More servers, more complexity, more protocols, more licensing cost to be locked into something that in the end only SAP customers care about, vs staying more Java standard and open source where there are many many times more developers who contribute.
      2. I know everyone says "it is different this time", but if we are look at SAP's track record on the web front, they switch direction every 4 or 5 years. Internet Transaction Server, Integrated ITS, Java WD, Abap WD, SAP UI5/Fiori... what is next? History speaks for itself. SAP addresses their shortcoming on the web application side by introducing something proprietary which already exists in the open source world. At the time, the framework can seem modern/up to date, but over time they can't keep up with the rest of the IT world and soon their proprietary solution is so far behind they need to throw it out and start over. We the customers have to pay to transition away from the old to the new solution. Who on earth will use SAPUI5 other than SAP customers? Even though SAPUI5 is open source, I don't seeing it making any difference.

      I've started a separate thread brainstorming what it would take to move from SAP Netweaver Java to something open source like Glassfish or Wildfly to get the full EE profile SAP is no longer interested in providing. I would love if we can get a group of minds working together to see if it is possible!