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Aug 31, 2011 at 02:58 PM

How to use SAPCAR properly


Hello friends,

I am doing SP Stack upgrade, and I would like to know to extract all SAR and CAR files from a folder to go to EPS/in directlly.

I was using:


SAPCAR: processing archive CPRXRPM400.SAR (version 2.01)

SAPCAR: not all files could be extracted

SAPCAR: 0 file(s) extracted

Indeed I have also copy of files, for just a few KBs. like in example:

219957585 Aug 15 20:31 KITLOS8.SAR

70043 Aug 15 20:31 KITLOS8

3562759 Aug 15 20:31 KU50014.SAR

26637 Aug 15 20:31 KU50014

Do I need to have just the *.SAR files inside ? Can i delete the rest ?

Thanks in advance,