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Former Member
Aug 31, 2011 at 12:53 PM

How to implement RRI in one web template for a master detail reporting


Hi All.

I have a web template ZSD_WT_001 in a BW 3.5 system. This web template ZSD_WT_001 as two data providers DP_1 and DP_2 and two table web items TABLE_1 and TABLE_2. TABLE_1 is based on DP_1 and TABLE_2 based on DP_2.

DP_1 is a summary query which displays a list of sales orders in TABLE_1.

DP_2 is a detailed query that displays the details of a sales order in TABLE_2.

So the web template ZSD_WT_001is a master detail report with the upper area/TABLE_1 displaying the summary list of all sales orders. When the user selects a sales order in TABLE_1 and clicks on it the TABLE_2 in the same web template I want the details of the sales order to be displayed.

Can someone kindly share how I can do this.