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Aug 31, 2011 at 09:57 AM

BPC-NW 7.5 SP08 Web Site does not display Task Pane when using DNS alias


BPC-NW 7.5 SP08 .NET installed on Windows 2008 r2 64-but server.

Standard IIS install with Windows Authentication and standard BPC .NET install process followed according to Installation Guide.

When we access the Web Site using the machine name and click (for instance) Interface for Web (Administration), we have no problems. IP address is similarly OK.

We have a DNS alias (C-NAME) that resolves to the server FQDN - standard alias setup. It resolves on the client and on the server with no problems (e.g. no extra hops). All nslookups are fine from client and server and alias correctly resolves to the machine name. Localhost and also work correctly from the server itself.

When we try to access the web using the alias using the same process as before we do not get a Task Pane using IE on a client or the server itself. Running Fiddler shows that the .NET cookie (no doubt containg the user name) is not being read when the alias is used.

So the issue appears to DNS or IIS/.NET related.

Narrowing this down we noted that the issue is connected with the UJA_LAST_USER table - i.e. the last AppSet/Application the user accessed (or current view). When the user accessing the web has an entry in the APPL_ID table the alias starts to work. With this working, the user now selects Application not Set from the current view and the failure happens again - put and entry in this field and it works again. Completely reproducable but only in customer environment - I can't reproduce on my VM environment using the same version. This this workflow I don't see how this can be DNS or IIS/.NET related and am stumped........

We could attempt to populate the UJA_LAST_USER table with a program but not all users would have access to the same applications so we'd need to be careful but this is at best a clunky workaround.

Any ideas...........?

Edited by: Bill Lang on Aug 31, 2011 12:00 PM