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Former Member
Feb 15, 2005 at 12:37 PM

Object Based Navigation - concept question



can somebody explain me the concept behind Object Based

Navigation, please? Couldn't find any step by step

how-to / tutorial.

I know how to assign operations to business objects,

and iViews to operations etc, but am not sure what

to do after the assignments have been set? I do not

understand the idea. How can I use OBN on the pages

displayed on the portal?

For example, should OBN be used when implementing

master-detail portlets (e.g. list of customers in

the master iView, and a list of customer's orders in

the detail iView)? If so, what to do after setting

up business objects, operations, and assigning

iViews to operations? How to link the detail iView

to the master iView? How to pass parameters between

the iViews?

Also, if I am wrong, and the OBN is not meant for

implementation of master-detail iViews, how can

I create such iViews (assuming I want to avoid

implementing them from scratch in Java). Is it

possible to create such iViews using only the Query

iView or JDBC Stored Procedure iView without any

Java coding?

Many thanks for any help.