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Aug 31, 2011 at 03:52 AM

Personalization Key usage in iPAD errors when there are two keys


Referring to:

I am doing something quite similar the document link above; although here are the key differences:

1. My MBO has two inputs - customerNumber and controlDataKey

2. In the Synchronization tab - I have two params defined for the two inputs; both are query_limiting

3. I have created two Personalization Keys - pk_custNo and pk_controlData

4. Mapped the personalization keys in the Synchronization tab

5. Then in the Load Parameters - I have mapped the both the inputs in the Synchronization Parameters column to their sync params from the dropdown that is available.

I tested the MBO with a preview option and it gives me data. for e.g. when I enter 1234567890 and 1000 for the two inputs.

In Xcode:

SampleApp_PersonalizationParameters *pp = SampleApp_SampleAppDB getPersonalizationparameters;

pp.pk_custNo = @"1234567890";

pp.pk_controlData = @"1000";];

while (SampleApp_SampleAppDB hasPendingOperations)

NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:0.2];

I am getting errors when I run the above.

I have two other MBOs that use pk_custNo. They gave me results in iPAD simulator. (pk_controlData was not in there then.)

By looking at the logs, I think the value set in pk_controlData is not being sent to the server. MBOs are reading directly from BAPIs as in the doc.

Can anyone help me?