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Aug 30, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Service quotation( dp80) and then actual consumption based billing ( dp90)


We have requirement of giving quotation from survey order (service order) then billing as per actual consumption in service order.

e.g quotation was given for 5 items ( service product having 5 items). customer accepts 4 items. and then depending on actual material consumed with labour hours, we need to to RRB billing request ( DP90)


1.How do we update service order with customer accpeted 4 items.

2.When I accept qtn in IW32, system creates a sales order.

When I do RRB, against the same service order in DP90, the system creates one more sales order .

During RRB in DP90, if I put first sales order that was created automatically during qtn acceptance, the system says that this sales order does not have DIP. (even if it is created automatically during qtn acceptance in IW32)

Please let me know the right process.

In my understanding, it is not correct to have two sales orders for one job.

Thanks in advance peers,