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Pull price from second price list

Hi Everyone

We have an issue where one customer wants the price from their pricelist and the price from the standard pricelist.

It's not the same discount on each item so I can't just create a pricing condition for the customer.

So what I was hoping to be able to do is run the Quote as normal using the customers pricelist in the final amount column.

Then on the smartform I was going to write some code to pull the price from our standard pricelist into its own column.

Problem is that I haven't been able to find the tables or how to get from pricelist to material price

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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    Aug 30, 2011 at 04:48 PM

    Not sure I understand the requirement correctly... What exactly do you mean by "price list"? If I'm not mistaken, in SAP terminology "price list" is a list of prices that can be created based on the condition records. It's just a list. Pricing itself is driven by configuration, pricing conditions, etc.

    If some kind of custom price determination is needed in the document, there are user exits available. But, again, it's not clear what the request is exactly.

    Showing some other price on the Smart Form will not change the document. I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do since you'll be quoting some price to the customer, which will not exist in the SAP document. In any case, pricing condition data is stored in the tables Annn (e.g. A005, specific numbers depend on your configuration) and in KONH/KONP/KONM, I believe.

    Search also for FMs by PRICING* and search in ABAP forum.

    Edited by: Jelena Perfiljeva on Aug 30, 2011 12:48 PM

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    • Former Member

      Hi Jelena

      I'm not an SD person so I may be using the wrong terminology or I could have misunderstood how this works

      What I mean by price list is when you creating a quote if you go to the header details under the SALES tab there is a box PRICING AND STATISTICS with a drop down box for choosing a different price list. Or you can go to the ITEM DATA under the SALES B tab there is a drop down box for PRICE LIST for the item. Which I thought was where the document got the price for the materials (but I could have misunderstood).

      Here we have an option of what we use for a standard price lets call it the US price list

      Or we can select a price list for this specific customer lets call it C price list.

      I want the document to use the C price list to determine the price for each material.

      Normally we have some pricing conditions for a customer discount which we use like so using the standard price list US price list then apply the customer discount conditions to get the net price. Either that or discount can be set for the customer that is applied to everything at the same flat rate. Which I was told was the normal way to do things.

      So the document has a unit price then applies whatever kind of discount to get the net price, which both print on the output to show the difference.

      Now what we want since this customer buys so many different materials from us and the discounts is in a range from 0 to 20% (i think) for each material. We want to us the price list C in the document apply no flat rate discount and no pricing condition discounts. Then on the output we want to pull the net price from the document as normal. But on the output instead of pulling the unit price from the document (which would be the same as the net price) we want to pull the UNIT PRICE from the US price list. That way for this customer the user entering the quote will not have to add the correct discount % pricing conditions to each material on every quote.

      So what I was wanting to do in the smartform was use the material number entered in the document to go get the price from the US price list but I'm having trouble finding the tables which I can do this in.

      I hope that clears it up some

  • Aug 30, 2011 at 08:41 PM

    I'm actually not an SD person either. We don't use the price lists in quotations, so I was unfamiliar with this option. The field on both header and item level is, essentially, the same. It just can be maintained on both levels.

    Since we don't use pricing lists, unfortunately, I wouldn't know where the data is located. However, if you set up SQL trace (ST05) and then run a transaction that triggers pricing list functionality, then you can see in the trace analysis what tables are being read. Look for PLTYP field as a clue.

    But overall I'd suggest to run this design by an SD specialist since there might be a better / more efficient way of doing this.

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    • Former Member

      Found it

      the tables are A306 pass the

      Sales Org.

      Distr. Channel

      Price List

      Doc. Currency


      Valid to

      retrieve the

      Cond.record no.

      us it in table KONP to fetch the price for that COND.RECORD NO.

      I had found these tables before but didn't realize what he COND.RECORD NO was

      thanks for your help