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Aug 30, 2011 at 10:31 AM

Interface Mode vs. QoS in Communication Channel


Hello everybody,

i am not sure if i understand the idea of the QoS-Option in the communication channel right!

First of all you define an interface having a mode which specifies if it is synchronous or asynchronous in ESR.

If your ready for configuration you use a communication channel in a sender agreement (if needed) which has got a QoS-Parameter. As far is i know, the communication channel is not bound to a specific interface, i guess this is done, so that you can reuse a communcation channel, right?

But why is it possible to choose a communication channel with QoS-Best effort in a sender agreement which has got a asynchronous interface? Does this make sense? Or having a synchrouns interface with a cc with QoS-EOIO?

It is written that the QoS-Parameter defines how the pipeline processes the messages, right?

But how can i process a message from a synchrous interface with QoS-Best Effort for example? I am a bit confused...

Thanks in advance for your replies!

Best regards