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Aug 30, 2011 at 04:32 AM

J1INQEFILE - efile generation - Exported file shows Duplicate records.


Dear Team,

When I execute J1INQEFILE, I am facing problem with the e-file generation i.e. exported Excel file. When I execute and export the file in excel to the desktop, I can see duplicate records.

For eg. On execution of J1INQEFILE, I can see 4 records on the SAP screen, whereas the exported file to the desktop shows me 2 more identical records i.e 6 records. As a result, in the SAP system i can see Base Amount as 40000 ie. 10000 for each. on the contrary the excel sheet shows me 60000 i.e. 6 records of 10000 each (bcse of 2 more duplicated records) and also shows the TDS amount wrong. How are the records getting duplicated? Is there any SAP note to fix this? We are debugging on this but no clue....

Please assist on this issue....

Thanks in Advance !!!!