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PI 7.11 sp6 - SOAP error on INBOUND SYNC (BE) interface - No handler ...


We're running a AIX 6.1 unix based PI 7.11 system patched to Stack SP6. We've got one web dispatcher or load balancing of any kind.

Our proxy system (sender) is an ECC6.0 EHP4 system. Our 3rd party system (receiver) system is non-sap.

In about a 2 hour timespan, we processed 9700 XML messages all in the SOAP adapter. almost all our traffic is BE (sync). Of those messages, we got 11 errors. And here is what we see in XSMB_MONI and in the java default trace:

#2.0^H#2011 08 29, TransportMessage)#PIISUSER#8

546##875E5AD3D27311E0C8580000003BF9B8#875e5ad3d27311e0c8580000003bf9b8#875e5ad3d27311e0c8580000003bf9b8#0#Thread[HTTP Worker [@2008983637],5,Dedicated_Application_Thread]#Plain##

Message 4e5b07b7-8180-00ab-e100-80000ae201a4(INBOUND): was not delivered due to SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/PA

RSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Server was unable to process request. ---> No handler is registered for this service.#

#2.0^H#2011 08 29

5ad3d27311e0c8580000003bf9b8#875e5ad3d27311e0c8580000003bf9b8#0#MS Queue Worker [SOAP_]#Plain##

Caught exception from application code with msgKey: 4e5b07b7-8180-00ab-e100-80000ae201a4(INBOUND)#

So I've looked all over the marketplace and SDN/google. I could not find anyone else getting this type of error.

We have WILY introscope and all the diag tools. I am not seeing any bottlenecks on the threads for http or inbound/outbound queues.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I was thinking about bumping up all the default queue threads for the service. It has the default "10" for all those.

We have done MAJOR tuning already on this instance. I think I've read all the notes/guides/HOW-TO...etc that there is for PI 7.11. So we are making progress.



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1 Answer

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    Aug 30, 2011 at 08:37 AM

    Hi Nick,

    From error message i could feel that, there is no problem from PI side and error is at the receiver system side where PI is posting the message. Why i am telling it's not PI issue and it's receiver's issue is that, error message you got is SOAP fault message. Fault message are raised by receiver system if any error occurs. If messgae is processed successfully then receiver system would send proper SOAP response message not a SOAP fault.

    soap fault: Server was unable to process request. ---> No handler is registered for this service.#

    So, in my view you better check at your receiver system (in your case it's no-sap sytem) why it's giving problem as 'No handler is register for the service'.



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    • Former Member

      Thanks RK!

      We're still waiting for those guys on the 3rd party side to own up to it being their issue. But your input was very valuable. I'll close this soon if I can get a decent response from the 3rd party system and post it here.