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Aug 29, 2011 at 01:49 PM

Absence quota


Hi All,

The issue is as follows. We are migrating a very old system using IT2005 into IT2006 for absence quotas. The problem i´m facing in the design is that, in the past, the company took over several smaller companies and the employees beloinging all those small companies still keep their former rights.

That means i can not assign the quotas only based on ESG ,ESGP,PSGP.

This rights depends also on the seniority and origin.

In Example.

Employees with 7 years seniorit and coming fro companie XXXX --> 22 days vacations.

Employees with 3 years seniority and coming from YYYY --> 23 days.

and so on.

there are many of this exceptions out of the collective agreement for the regular employees.

My question is, what whould be the best design to handle al this particuar cases?¿how can i ask for this seniority and origin company?

In PA, the design ins being made according to standard EE clasiffication (white/blue collar, exp, retiree..)so we should keep that information ( seniority and origin ) in any other place to customize and take into account when assignning the quotas.

I´m thinkiing about using it0041 to keep the entry date , so i could calculate seniority form t559L but regarding origin ( company the EE comes from ) i´m not sure what would be the best choice.

Any coment will be much appreciated.

with KR