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Aug 29, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Load Balancing of J2EE Application



I have a J2EE Application that we are planning to port to SAP and run on SAP CE 7.1 EHP1 and SAP CE 7.2

I currently have 2 Physical App Servers in our production and 1 Physical Database Server(Oracle).

I would like to understand from the experts here as to how the Load Balancing happens in SAP Environment.

As per my reading till now I have two options:

1. Seperately Install SAP CE on both App Servers. Deploy the application on both of these servers and use the same Database String to connect to Database from both instances. The problem I see is double maintenance of App Server. Can this also lead to some database issues. Advantage is that if one App Server is down, second can still run

2. As per SAP documents, Install a Primary App Server on one physical box. Install Additional App Server on second box. Deploy Application on both instances. The advnatage I see is that maintenance is less. But problem might be if Primary goes down, secondary will also go down.

So I would like to know from expers what is the typical model that is used and why. Thanks for your help


S Tripathi