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Feb 14, 2005 at 11:40 AM

EP60 SR1 + KM problems - Content management not working


I have the above system installed and content management isn't working. It is installed on Windows 2003. The portal was installed and seems to me to be OK (SAP have another view - more later). Into this we installed KM. This doesn't work. When I carried out the post install checks "checking the KM Content iView" (page 48 of the install guide) I got the following error:

<b>com.sapportals.wcm.repository.InvalidUriException: Invalid RID: No repository manager found: /documents



at java.lang.Throwable.(

at java.lang.Exception.(</b>

There are several more pages of "at" messages but I suspect the clue is the "No repository manager" message. I logged an OSS message who reported that there were .ERR files in the deployment directories and that in the KM repositories there should be 19 repositories but "I could find very few". I was later told he could find only 3 repositories, but I still wasn't told which ones. I reprocessed the .ERR files succesfully. This had no effect. I then reprocessed all the par and ept files that you are asked to check in the post install processing (Page 49-50 of the install guide):****

After this when I try to access "Content Admin -> KM Content" or "System Admin -> monitoring -> KM -> Component monitor" I get the following message

<b>Item not found


The item you are trying to access is not available.

Check that the name or link is correct. You might also check whether

the associated repository is currently accessible.</b>

I don't have the portal in front of me at the moment, but I think that in the system admin message the "/" was replaced by "/runtime".

I mentioned earlier that SAP stated in their OSS message that the portal was installed incorrectly so we should reinstall. I am not convinced that this is the case. I feel this is fixable.

My next move will be to reprocess every .par and ept file I can find. Any help will be gratefully received.