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Aug 27, 2011 at 01:21 PM

Custom Marketing Attributes do not populate in activity created by ELM.


Hi Experts,

We have a scenario (in CRM 7.0) where we need to create Interaction Records using Activity in ELM (External List Management). We need some fields like Sales Org etc to be added in the IR. To this end we enhanced the structure CRMT_MKTLIST_ACT_EXT. The appended structure appears in the table CRMD_MKTLIST_ACT.

Also the fields are avialable in the Mapping Format. I am able to create and use this Mapping Format in External Lists.

The problem is that when I create an external list and click "Show Records" all the fields populate correctly but when I view the IR created by "External List" in GUI using "CRMD_ORDER" the IR is created but these fields do not populate.

Am i missing a step here??

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.