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Aug 27, 2011 at 12:19 PM

Pricing worklist--WIND table entries



An article is created with sales unit as CA1 and many pricing documents were created with CA1 as sales unit and condition records were saved and updated in the data base

The base unit is EA and conversion is 5 EA is CA1 and 10 EA is CAR

After few months business made a decision to change the sales unit from CA1 to CAR

and they changed the same in AMR and created many pricing docs with CAR and deleted CA1 --UOM itself from AMR

Whatever be the condition records created with CA1 as sales unit have been closed with end date as the date when the sales unit was changed from AMR

Thus the condition records for CA1 are invalid now

But in Pricing worklist WVN0 when this article flows system says there is inconsistencies in the WIND table and stopping our workflow process advising us to maintain CA1 in article master

Cananyone throw us light how to avoid getting this error as the business doesnot want to use CA1 at all as sales unit

Expecting your valuable inputs