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Aug 27, 2011 at 09:52 AM

Price comparison of rfq in me49


We have the following requirement for Price Comparision for RFQs in SAP :-

The basic price is maintained in the Net Price for each line item of the RFQ for a vendor.

The conditions (either value or percentage) for discount, freight, packaging and forwarding, insurance are maintained at item level in rfq.

The values for excise, higher secondary educational cess, educational cess and tax rate and maintained in the tax code field of RFQ line item wise.

While comparing these conditions in ME49 Price Comparision (Standard SAP) , these maintained values are totalled and displayed against each line item.

We want to develop a price comparision format wherein the breakup of the basic price, excise, tax, freight and other conditions maintained item wise need to totalled for all line items in the RFQ and displayed against each condition (say total tax, total net price, total discount) in the price comparision report for each vendor and added up to display the grand total for each vendor.

Can any give details of how to display gross price, discount and taxes againts each vendor instead of getting only total

Thanks in advance.