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Aug 26, 2011 at 04:41 PM

MII Logon Page



We are on MII 12.1.7 build(47) with NW CE 7.11 SP3.

We have integrated with LDAP, setup SSO betweem MII and ECC all works fine.

We have a requirement,


1) User Logs in to MII using a generic account (basically it is auto-login kind of stuff, an URL embedded with generic j_user and j_password will directly log user into MII)

2) User likes to perform Material Reservation and just before he does that we need to authenticate the User with his UserId and he must be authenticated against his integrated LDAP UserID and if successful allow him to Reserve material in ECC using his ID

3) Once Reserved take out his session.


1) How can I open Login page while already an Generic User Session is Active and this session will be carried over to all the child screens.

2) Even somehow If I get to Authenticate, will be able to perform SSO using the authenticated UserID?

3) And then when how would I kill the authenticated User session when Reservation is complete by keeping Parent screen session alive?

One the options I am thinking of is writing a Custom JSP Login page.

Answer to my question may be something really simple but currently I am running out of options.

Please advise me with your valuable suggestions.