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Aug 26, 2011 at 02:47 PM

Smartform: windows in different pages having the same name


Hi all gurus,

first of all, please forgive me if I'm missing something, I'm quite new on the Smartform argument.

Shortly; I have to modify some smartforms made by someone else in order to meet customer's desiderata.

These smartforms are all different but share a common "structure", which is:

2 pages definition, P_FIRST and P_FOLLOW, which have actually the same internal "structure": they have a LOGO window, then a TITLE window, then a MAIN window, then a FOOTER, and so on.

In order to do my task, I added a new window in both P_FIRST and P_FOLLOW, let's call it CERTIFICATION_LOGO.

Moreover, I inserted a new graphic element under the LOGO window.

Modifying the smartforms, I noticed I have two different kind of behaviour:

1) in almost all these SF, I add a window called CERTIFICATION_LOGO in P_FIRST, then I have to add a windows to P_FOLLOW which cannot have the same name ( e.g. I called it CERTIFICATION_LOGO_FOLLOW);

2) in just one SF, when I add a window P_FIRST, then the exactly same window is added to P_FOLLOW. When I modify CERTIFICATION_LOGO window in P_FIRST, also CERTIFICATION_LOGO in P_FOLLOW is updated.

I can't find a reason why such different behaviour. Actually I'm testing my solution and found that the only smartform that does not work is the only one which I have described with 2). So my guess is that there's some setting anywhere which leads to that different behaviour and this could be a cause of a raised exception... but maybe it's just a case, also because I found in debug that in this standard call in the form PROCESS_TEXT_WINDOW:

perform xsf_window_open using docentry-tdwindow

where docentry-tdwindow = 'LOGO' and tdwtype = 'T', the system exit the process at the first execution of:

check xsfop-xsf = c_true.
  check not xsf_obj is initial.

What does xsfop-xsf should mean? In my case xsfop-xsf = false and xsf_obj is initial... then the SF is not generated.

What am I missing gurus?

Thanks in advance,


Edited by: Matteo Montalto on Aug 26, 2011 4:49 PM