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Aug 26, 2011 at 12:21 PM

Changing Exactly-Once-in-Order Processing in the Adapter Engine


During some issues with hanging messages in some communication channels I noticed that messages for other receivers were also on hold. So adapter engine was processing all messages EOIO while Integration Server does that per receiver.

I found the [solution in the SAP Help |] but I am not able to access the mentioned link: http:// /MessagingSystem/migration.jsp

Error message I got is: 404 not found.

Looks like something changed! I checked some simular links like http://<host>:50000/MessagingSystem/monitor/monitor.jsp and that works fine.

(I also checked the role SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR_J2EE was included in my userprofile)

Please help me finding what I do wrong...or what has changed.