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Aug 26, 2011 at 10:37 AM

WM- WM stock (quality) to not activated storage loc-Transfer Posting issue


hi friends

I Have a error during transfer posting (321 mov type). After quality inspection the stock is rejected . so i have to move to WM not

activated Storage location. After transfer posting, TR is generated From material document. then iam trying to create to transfer order , but i have the error

System cannot find source storage bin

Message no. L3 008


The system was not able to determine a source storage bin for this material.

This problem can be caused for several reasons:

1. The material no longer exists in your warehouse.

2. The material is in your warehouse, but currently cannot be reached by the system (for example, the material is just being transferred by one of the conveyor machines).

3. The material is in your warehouse, but not in the storage type and storage areas that are defined in your system for the material search.


Check to see if the material really exists in your warehouse.

If the reason for the error is the third one mentioned above, contact your system administrator

Our bussiness is

lXRM storage location is WM activated

lXA storage location is not WM activated

1. create PO

2.GRN- Quality Inspection

3 If ok Means Stock is move to lXRM

If not ok Means Stock is move to lXA.

my queries is i want to move quality stock (WM) to not activated storage location.

with regards